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ReaSnow Manager APP!
« on: March 04, 2019, 09:43:03 PM »
To all our customers and partners:

Our team dedicates lots of time and effort in the past months to bring ReaSnow S1 to you.

Hope you will love it!

New way to play!

Here are 3 items you will need:
(Updated Date: Aug-23-2019)
1 - ReaSnow S1-UserManual
2 - Flash Tool V5.3.4
3 - ReaSnow Manager APP V1.2.12 (Android>=4.4, iOS>=8.0)

3.1 Android:Direct Download
Note: Currently, the latest version is not available in Google Play!

3.2 iOS:Search "ReaSnow Manager" in App Store

Demo Video 1, ReaSnow Manager APP:

Demo Video 2, ReaSnow S1 Quick Guide

Demo Video 3, Fast switching grenades in Apex Legends (with Macro):

Demo Video 4, Touchpad Simulation:

Major Features of ReaSnow S1:
● Professional Mouse Optimization for FPS games, Intelligent Engine 3.0 (accurate and stable aiming, 1:1 movement in game, mouse curve editor)
● No delay, Fastest USB communication, 1ms USB report rate
● Expert mode racing wheel support(Force feedback enabled)
● Better flight stick support (Stand-alone throttle acceptable)
● On-the-fly Macro editing
● Independent axis remapping
● All kinds of consoles: PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim/PS4/PS3/Xbox One X/Xbox One S/Xbox One/Xbox 360/Nintendo Switch
● Excellent compatibility, keyboards, mice, wheels, flight sticks, arcade sticks, third-party gamepads, etc
● ReaSnow Manager APP(Android & iOS Version)
● Multiple languages
● Online Game Preset Synchronization

Anything, please just post it in this forum.
We will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you all for the support and patience!

========Version LOG========
1. Improve Anti-Recoil control
2. G13 support issue

1. Xbox Adaptive Controller support
2. New warning definition

1. Nacon Revolution Pro 2 support
2. Icon lost issue in some android phones
3. L/R stick strength improvement
4. Wireless Bluetooth controller support, Xbox One S, DualShock 4, DualShock 3, SWITCH Pro controller, Sony Move, Xbox Adaptive Controller
5. Improvement keyboard compatibility

1. Improve mouse and keyboard compatibility

1. Parameters added to Macro

1. Xbox 360 wireless receiver
2. G13 stick mapping
3. Extra accessory(stand-alone throttle/controller) support

Improve Bluetooth reliability
Improve Curve Editor UI
Better scenarios switching
Better multiple language support for iOS
Occasional factory restoration failure

Add hotkey for HIP scenario

Improve network reliability

Improve Bluetooth stability and compatibility
Enable the physical return button on smartphones
UI Optimization
Audio malfunction under certain conditions

No need to press the button during the first-time Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth connection failure with some smartphone
Some errors in Japanese translation
Improper display of text under some conditions

Macro support

1. some issue with switching scenarios
2. improve curve editor UI
3. G13 stick support

iOS APP released!

1. PS4 Pro controller's audio malfunction while the mouse is moving
2. occasional irregular mouse movement while playing

1. PS4 controller's audio malfunction
2. APP error while saving changes
3. occasional irregular mouse movement while playing
4. G29 wheel's usage in expert mode

Multiple language support (English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian)
FIX: ADS toggle malfunction
FIX: some saving problem in UI

FIX: Flash tool, upgrade without proper storage clearance!

First release for Open Beta

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