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15 USD refund! Big Promotion!
« on: June 03, 2019, 04:50:41 PM »
Hi All,

Here is a new big promotion, and all are welcomed to join our activity.
It is created by ReaSnow and its great partners.

If you would like to order our ReaSnow S1 from the following Amazon stores,
and share your experience of ReaSnow S1 with other gamers.

A refund of 15 USD will be provided to all participants. ( Expiration Date: 2019-8-15, Order Date )

3 steps to join this activity:

Step 1:  Order ReaSnow S1 from the following Amazon stores:
(Buying S1 from other stores cannot get the refund.)

Step 2:  If you are happy and satisfied with the product,
please write a positive product review for this order on Amazon for sharing with other users

Then send the followings to
1. screenshot of your  review/feedback
2. The name of Amazon store you placed order and the order number
3. your paypal account.

Step 3:  15 USD refund will be sent to your paypal account in 3 days.

Amazon store list:


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