Author Topic: With my new BT dongle I tested the 5.x.x, this is my feedback  (Read 1339 times)


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Well, it does work. App is working fine. A way to add other games and rename the profile would be nice (and to set the deadzone in those profiles).
Also a way to use the old saved settings would be nice, I had to start fresh and configure it over again.
This is not what bothers me.

When comparing the latest 4.x.x version to this latest 5.x.x, the mouse seems to be less responsive and less precise. Maybe this issue only exists when using the device with the nintendo switch (tested moving the mouse in circles in minecraft).

Did not test creating a macro, but I did test using two different keyboards at the same time. They did work, both, at the same time.

So besides all this (and I do belive Reasnow will fix the mouse precission in switch), I do have a mayor suggestion: Allow reasnow app users to upload and share with the other reasnow users their settings and macros.


Edit: Just to make it clear, I feel the mouse working way better in the 4.x.x version, and worse in the 5.x.x version.


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Re: With my new BT dongle I tested the 5.x.x, this is my feedback
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2019, 10:23:01 AM »
thanks for all these!
will put them into our feedback list for further improvement.

And some quick reply:
1. Profile name can be changed in "Edit Config" UI
2. Configs/ Macros/ Button Mappings/ Curves can all be exported/ imported,
    these feature has been fulfilled in our current release.
3. Which config has been activated in Cross Hair while playing minecraft,
    and there are 2 mincrafts for switch, MineCraft and MineCraft NS Edition.
    they need different configs.