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Youtuber Wanted
« on: September 19, 2019, 03:53:43 PM »
Hi Guys,

Here we are recruiting 5 partners who can help us to do some reviews,
instructional videos or streamed live etc on youtube or other channels.

1. Game console, such as PS4, Xbox One, SWITCH
2. Peripherals: Keyboard and gaming mouse(4000~16000 DPI), or steering wheel, flight stick
3. popular games: Apex Legends/ Fortnite/ Battlefield V/ Rainbow 6/ the Division 2/ Splatoon 2 etc or other game genres
4. a smartphone to set up our product(Android/iOS)
5. youtube video experience or holding a popular youtube channel, or on other video sharing platform
6. Language: it's preferable to create those videos with your own language
English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc

Activities to join:
1. do instructional videos, streamed live, review videos for products from ReaSnow(May get paid for that if the video is good)
2. Join our internal alpha test
3. provide feedback and discuss all the possibilities with us directly
4. help forum management

Anyone, please send your email to us( with full details of your conditions or your suggestions.


ReaSnow Team