Author Topic: Will We Get What We Want From God of War 4?  (Read 4302 times)


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Will We Get What We Want From God of War 4?
« on: November 14, 2014, 02:07:44 PM »
Will We Get What We Want From God of War 4?
Published by Lucas Tetrault at 11:59 am under Video Games

Come on Sony, you and Santa Monica need to get your acts together and give the people who bought a PS4 something to really look forward to! Nearly a year has gone by, the 2014 E3 is all but a distant memory and we’re still no closer to experiencing a new quest that revolves around the satisfying splatter of blood and gorgeous quick time events that we’ve all grown to love from the God of War series.

Seriously, the least you could do is just announce that the game is in the works so we can stop flooding the forums and sites like this with speculation and banter on what we can hope to expect from Kratos’ next escapade. Oh, wait, you’re telling me we haven’t discussed this yet on Unreality? Well by god, in that case – what is it that we definitely want from God of War 4? No, before you say that Ascension was the 4th one, it wasn’t. Ascension was a prequel to what paved the way for the God of War trilogy. While good, it felt like a cloned version of God of War 3 but with less punch and pizzaz with a far less interesting story and some multiplayer thrown in to try and say that it was “new”. No no no, let’s have a completely new game that takes everything that was great about the franchise while utilizing the PS4 to it’s true potential.

I think that Kratos has battled every known entity within the Greek mythos and I for one would welcome a change of pace. During the end credits of God of War 3, we see that Kratos’ body was dragged into the water and we’re left not knowing his ultimate fate. Maybe his body is now floating motionless in the sea only to find it’s way to the Nile river and rest upon the sands of Egypt. Leading to an entirely new adventure with countless Gods and Goddesses of War. (do a quick Google research and you’ll find that many of the Gods of the Egyptian Mythology share war as one of their attributes…) Who wouldn’t want to see Kratos go toe to toe with Anhur, Set, Pakhet, and Horus?! The design/art team could have a field day with how to approach all these characters.

If you’re not up for Egyptian Mythology, there’s always Norse Mythology! Kratos storming the gates of Valhalla could prove to be amazing as well! (not to mention a epic fight between the Gods Odin and Thor)

What people probably love most of all out of the God of War series is the way boss battles are handled. They are tremendous in every sense of the word. A lot of them take cues from Shadow of the Colossus in that Kratos is seen as a small pesky fly going up against and annoying a very large giant. The quick time events and battle strategies that play out are all about the same but the bosses are all very unique in their own way. It would be awesome if Santa Monica could come up with a new play style for God of War 4 boss battles. Something different from ‘PRESS X NOW’ … and I wouldn’t mind if the difficulty was amped up too.

Sure the visuals and attention to detail have always been excellent for the God of War series but I’m certain that Sony and crew could push the PS4 to it’s limits with God of War 4. I keep hearing that the PS4 hasn’t been tested at all with the games that have been released thus far. So for crying out loud, tap into this mega beast of a gaming rig and let’s really wow people with something we haven’t seen yet! Go big or go home as they say.

If you change the idea behind the story and put Kratos up against a new slew of enemies then I’m sure this is an easy one to come up with. Having played all the major games of GOW I’m ready for some new default weapons. Don’t get me wrong, the Blades of Chaos were fun and I never got tired of using them or any of the other individual items in Kratos’ arsenal but something new to hack and slash with would be delightful. Hell, make it so that if you beat the game you can go back and play it again with the Blades of Chaos as your reward!

Ascension finally introduced the ability for a multiplayer game mode for the GOW fans but lacked a co-op mode for the actual campaign. Trial of the Gods was just another wave based game mode that to me was completely unfulfilling. Again going back to the idea that if God of War 4 was based in Egypt there are plenty of intricate ways you could introduce a 2nd player/companion to help Kratos on his quest. It could even be a love interest for all I care – spice things up a bit. Let Kratos have sex with the soon to be sidekick in order to get that individual to agree to help him along his way. Of course this would rely on Kratos’ performance being up to par for this to work. Ahem…(Wouldn’t that make for an interesting 2 player game?!) Hey if anything it gives you the completely unnecessary but always comical sex scene that they continue to use in every game, right?!

So where you at Sony & Santa Monica? Have anything to show us yet? I hope by 2015’s E3 you’ve got something to show us, otherwise people might give up hope that Kratos’ journey isn’t over.

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