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How to use CUSTOM GAME
« on: March 12, 2015, 02:00:33 PM »
When using a keyboard and mouse or joystick and mouse to replace the controller,
if the game you are going to play is not in the preset game list,
and you can not find a similar one too, you should choose CUSTOM GAME.

Two important options in "more settings" should be paid special attention.

1. Deadzone Type:
Different games have different deadzone types, please select correct type of Deadzone according to the game.
If you do not know the deadzone tyep of your game, just try to switch this option,
there are only two options in it, CIRCLE and SQUARE.

A wrong choice will cause the mouse can not move smoothly along the diagonal direction,
or the mouse can not draw a circle in game.

2. Aim Down Sight:
Different games have different button for "Aim Down Sight", you can figure that out using your controller
in game.
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