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I would like to provide some feedback
« on: April 18, 2019, 12:38:44 PM »
Hi. I installed it. Didnt work. Using some random toshiba BT device. I just bought another one with the specific chipset you've mentioned in the guide:
Is the cheapest one I've found (bought the round option). Will let you know if it works whenever arrives home (3 - 4 weeks from now).
I've reverted back without any issues back to the 4.x.x version (whatever it is).
About the app: although it didnt found the device (seems not to be a supported chipset), I have an old Samsung Galaxy Trend II, on 4.0.4 android version that gave me the error 301 and not being able to access the bluetooth to search for devices. I've checked with two other phones (6 android version or something like that) and work just fine (although, again, didnt find the device).

The idea of "on the fly" configuration, using your phone, is absolutelly fantastic. I would have loved this when I had to build a 1 minute long macro to farm on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the N. Switch.

Since I am a very very big nerd, I have an important question though:
I've seen how you could attatch an HID USB Hub on USB port 1 (port 2 is for BT device and port 3 is for wired controller).
Now, my question is: could you attatch two different keyboards to the USB hub and a Logitech G13 gameboard and a mouse (4 devices total)?

Thank you for your very hard work.


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Re: I would like to provide some feedback
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2019, 03:46:04 PM »
thanks  a lots for all these details!

you will need the new BT dongle 8)

But I do not understand your word "an HID USB Hub on USB port 1",
where did you find this?
USB port 1 on Cross Hair is for authentication controller only.

Cross Hair can accept USB hub on USB port 3,
and you can plug G13 and a mouse into this HUB.

BTW, updates will be released frequently in these days,
please do find our latest Flash tool and APP in forum,
when you got the BT dongle.
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