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Cross Hair: It's a mouse and keyboard adapter for all game consoles, and it can also make many other peripherals being
                  usable with game consoles, such as different controllers, steering wheel, arcade stick, flight stick and so on.

Config: Configuration

Platform: All the game consoles such as PS4/PS3/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360

Manager/ Cross Hair Manager: It's a kind of PC software from ReaSnow which is used to configure Cross Hair.

HIP: Shooting without aiming optics

ADS(Aim Down Sight): Shooting with aiming optics

KB: Keyboard

MS: Mouse

DS4: Dual Shock 4

DS3: Dual Shock 3

PS4: PlayStation 4

PS3: PlayStation 3

Sixaxis: PS3's official controller until 2008, which was succeeded by the DS3.

  • photo ReaSnow Cross Hair
  • ReaSnow Cross Hair supports mouse and keyboard
  • ReaSnow Cross Hair supports arcade stick, Sony Move Navigation controller, Logitech G13 keyboard.
  • ReaSnow Cross Hair supports steering wheel (G27)
  • ReaSnow Cross Hair supports flight stick.
  • ReaSnow Cross Hair supports cross platform controller usage. (Any controller on any console) including all the official controllers: ps4 controller, ps3 controller, xbox one controller, xbox 360 controller.