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Beginner Introduction 3 : Use joystick and mouse
« on: March 12, 2015, 02:05:04 PM »
These are the steps a beginner should follow to use Cross Hair correctly.

1. Read "CrossHair-QuickGuide" thoroughtly, and watch the instruction videos.
2. Make sure there is no peripheral plugged into Cross Hair.
    Then connect Cross Hair to PC, using the USB cable included in the package.
    The LOGO should be white.
3. Download "Cross Hair Manager", extract the zip file and run the Manager.(Windows Only)
4. Choose your console and add some games you want to play.
    You can edit each game's config by double click on it or leave it as default.
5. Save and close the Manager. Detach Cross Hair from PC.
6. Prepare the mouse and game.
7. Firstly, connect the original controller (USB PORT1) and joystic and mouse (USB PORT2-3) to Cross Hair,
    then connect Cross Hair to console.
    A breathing color means it's working well.

* Connect all devices to Cross Hair first, and then connect Cross Hair to game console. That is the procedure we recommend.
   Change your connection only when Cross Hair is powered off.

* Wireless controller of XBOX 360 can not be used as wired controller with a USB cable connected on it.
   For the USB port on this controller can only be used for charging, no data lines in this port.
   While all other wireless controllers can be used as wired ones with a USB cable connected, such as controllers of PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE.

For PS4 console:
* Please do turn off your controller on game console before connecting it to Cross Hair.

* Do not press the PS button until LOGO of Cross Hair is breathing.

* Make sure to logout all users on your game console before connecting Cross Hair to it. Or connect all the devices before game console is powered on.
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