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Cross Hair Manager download!
« on: October 08, 2014, 10:17:31 PM »
=================V4.X.X (All-In-One version,PS/XBOX/SWITCH,Hardware Ver:>=1.7.6)=====================
Latest version: (July-13-2022)
Download Cross Hair ManagerV4.5.118

Version LOG

1. fix an issue with SWITCH stick acceleration

For Hardware Ver: 1.7.6, users will need an upgrade tool so their Cross Hairs can be recognized by this version V4.X.X
After that, these Cross Hairs can only be managed by Cross Hair Manager V4.X.X

If you would prefer not to upgrade your Cross Hair, it can still be managed by our previous 3 versions(V1.X.X, V2.X.X, V3.X.X).

For later Hardware Vers(>1.7.6), there will be no need for such an upgrade.

************* V1.X.X/V2.X.X/V3.X.X are for Cross Hairs which are bought before Autumn 2017 *************

======V1.X.X (for PS4/Slim/Pro & PS3 & Xbox One/S/X & Xbox 360 consoles,Hardware Ver:<=1.7.6)=========
Latest version: (Nov-9-2021)
Download Cross Hair Manager V1.73.75

Version LOG

1. Game Preset: Red Dead Redemption 2(XB1)

======V3.X.X (for Nintendo Switch only,Hardware Ver:<=1.7.6)=========
Latest version: (Oct-18-2018)
Download Cross Hair

PS: This Version V3.12.28 is a special version for Nintendo Switch console only,
please DO NOT use this version for other consoles.

Version LOG

Fortnite disconnection issue

======V2.X.X (bluetooth support for PS4/Slim/Pro & PS3,Hardware Ver:<=1.7.6)=========
Download Cross Hair Manager V2.10.3

This special Bluetooth version(Cross Hair Manager V2.10.3) is designed for those who would like to use a Bluetooth controller(Xbox One S controller, DualShock 3) on PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim by a Bluetooth dongle.

And this version has only this ONE feature, all previous features(such as keyboard and mouse support, wheel support, etc) have not been included in it.

PS1: A bluetooth 4.0 dongle(CSR 8510 chipset) is required.
PS2: You can safely switch between this special Bluetooth version and our normal versions.
All your previous configs will be preserved if you follow our instructions below carefully.
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