Author Topic: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare(2019)!preset released!  (Read 713 times)


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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare(2019)!preset released!
« on: October 26, 2019, 08:57:21 PM »
we just released a preset for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare(2019)/PS4.8)
here are some recommendations:)

1. game settings:
Horizontal Stick Sensitivity = 20
Vertical Stick Sensitivity =20
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier(low zoom)=2.00
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier(high zoon)=2.00
Aim Response Curve Type = Standard
Aim Down Sight Behavior = Hold

2. mouse settings:

3. Settings in ReaSnow S1
default preset for "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare(2019)"

any feedback is welcomed!

the preset for Xbox One will be provided in a couple of days!
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