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How to Tweak Mouse Movement

In typical keyboard-mouse control system, mouse movement is always used to control aiming and turning around. It is simple, but this is the core of FPS games.

Before going into details I’d like to introduce a formula:


Mouse Movement in game = mouse DPI × game Sensitivity × Cross Hair Sensitivity

● If you have a configurable mouse, please follow Step 1.
● If you have a mouse which can not be configured, just skip Step 1.
● If your mouse is configurable but have no on-board memory in it that means your settings will be lost when the mouse is unplugged from PC, remember to set its DPI to maximum by using the DPI button on it every time you use the mouse with Cross Hair.

Step 1. Mouse DPI / CPI
Dots per inch (DPI) is a measurement of how sensitive a mouse is. The higher a mouse’s DPI, the farther the cursor on your screen will move when you move the mouse. A mouse with a higher DPI setting detects and reacts to smaller movements.

Normally, we recommend setting your mouse DPI to maximum. As showed below:






Step 2. Game Sensitivity

In the options of different games, it is called by various names, such as : Look Sensitivity, Aim Sensitivity, Look-Around Sensitivity, or just Sensitivity. It’s the speed of turning around in the game.

We also recommend you to set it as high as possible to harness all the potential of your game.

We have many demos of setting this option in game.

ReaSnow Cross Hair Changing Games Sensitivity:

The following figures are some examples:

Battle Field 4:


 Call of Duty: Ghost



Kill zone: Shadow Fall:



Step 3. Cross Hair Sensitivity
After step 1 and 2, we now come to the sensitivity of Cross Hair.

There are 2 ways to change Cross Hair sensitivity.

WAY ONE – using PC software (Manager):


Cross Hair has 2 sensitivities : HIP Sensitivity and ADS Sensitivity

The bigger the value, the faster the mouse movement. You can change them to a suitable value, according to your mouse and game.

HIP: Shooting without aiming optics
ADS: Shooting with aiming optics

ADS sensitivity is normally bigger than HIP.


YX Ratio:
It’s the ratio of mouse's speed in Y and X directions. Do not change it, unless you understand its meaning.

WAY TWO – using controller in Config Mode:


1. Any time in game, just press SHARE+OPTIONS(PS4 platform)keys on your controller to enter CONFIG MODE and the LOGO’s light will be turned off in this mode.
2. Use the Dpad keys on controller to change HIP and ADS sensitivity of Cross Hair.
3. After changing settings to you liking, just press the combination keys again, and you will exit the CONFIG MODE, and return to PLAY MODE.

PS. We recommend you to use CONFIG MODE to change Cross Hair sensitivity, that’s an easy and convenience way to do it. Please refer to User Manual for details.

For video instructions, please visit the follow page:

ReaSnow Cross Hair Change mouse sensitivity in game