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Intelligent Engine of Cross Hair


Why we need a Intelligent Engine?
Trying to get a mouse working well on PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360 is not an easy job.
We need to find out the deadzone types and values, which are some strategies used by game designers to make controller stick a bit easier to operate.
We need to countervail the special movement effect caused by different games and different game consoles.
We need to make mouse control different games with the same feeling, at least as far as we could.
All these require professional knowledge and varied anlysis tools, and a long time of hard work and concentrated effort. And all these will not make a game enjoyable!
So we designed this Intelligent Engine (IE) of Cross Hair based on the knowledge of Pattern Recognition to countervail all kinds of problems introduced by using a mouse on game consoles for different games. We analysed all the games and their differences on different consoles, collected tons of mouse input and output results on screen, put the mass data on the Artificial Neural Network (ANN), and train the ANN to get the most suitable method to conquer all the obstacles and bring a perfect shooting experience to our customers. 
And the fruits we harvested: 
● Simple for usage
● Steady while aiming 
● Ease to draw a line or a circle
● Fast turning around