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How to set up ReaSnow S1
« on: March 04, 2019, 09:43:03 PM »
Here are 3 items you will need:
(Updated Date: July-31-2020)
1 - ReaSnow S1-UserManual
2 - Flash Tool V5.3.76
3 - ReaSnow Manager APP V1.2.48 (Android>=4.4, iOS>=8.0)

3.1 Android Phones:Direct download this apk file and install it
Note: Do not install from Google Play!

3.2 iOS Phones(Apple Phones):Search "ReaSnow Manager" in App Store


Demo Video 1, ReaSnow Manager APP:

Demo Video 2, ReaSnow S1 Quick Guide

Demo Video 3, Fast switching grenades in Apex Legends (with Macro):

Demo Video 4, Touchpad Simulation:

Demo Video 5, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2(review and better use of paddles):

Demo Video 6, How to import macro(rsm file) on iPhone

Demo Video 7, How to create an anti recoil macro on ReaSnow S1

Major Features of ReaSnow S1:
● Professional Mouse Optimization for FPS games, Intelligent Engine 3.0 (accurate and stable aiming, 1:1 movement in game, mouse curve editor)
● No delay, Fastest USB communication, 1ms USB report rate
● Expert mode racing wheel support(Force feedback enabled)
● Better flight stick support (Stand-alone throttle acceptable)
● On-the-fly Macro editing
● Independent axis remapping
● All kinds of consoles: PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim/PS4/PS3/Xbox One X/Xbox One S/Xbox One/Xbox 360/Nintendo Switch
● Excellent compatibility, keyboards, mice, wheels, flight sticks, arcade sticks, third-party gamepads, etc
● ReaSnow Manager APP(Android & iOS Version)
● Multiple languages
● Online Game Preset Synchronization

Anything, please just post it in this forum.
We will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you all for the support and patience!

========Version LOG========

========Download Previous Versions========
Flash Tool V5.3.37
Flash Tool V5.3.25

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